3 DAYS - $4,500

The rolling south English countryside is scenic, rich in history, and home to lots of Roe deer! Enjoy this proven, all-inclusive hunt for x3 trophy Roe bucks at prime time. Perfect off-season opportunity and great for a non-hunting companion!




Early Season Hunts: 3 days/4 nights – 1x1 guided – x3 trophy Roe bucks – May = $4500

Rut Hunts: 3 days/4 nights – 1x1 guided – x3 trophy Roe bucks – July-Aug. = $4500


- Round trip airport shuttles
- x3 local gourmet meals daily
- Comfortable private lodge
- All hunt permits & licensing
- Fees for x3 trophy Roe bucks
- NO Size Restrictions
- 1x1 guiding with local stalker
- All ground transport during hunt
- Rifle & Ammo during hunt
- Basic trophy preparations
- Delivery to local taxidermist


- Travel to destination city
- Any pre/post hunt meals or hotels
- Trophy fees for additional animals
- Gratuities to guides and staff
- Alcohol (if desired)
- Taxidermy costs & trophy export
- Side ventures/Sightseeing/Tourism
- Personal purchases/Souvenirs etc.


- Extra hunting days:
- Non-hunting observer days:
- Rifle Rental & Ammo:
   Already Included

Trophy fees for additional game species;
(No Size Restrictions)

- Additional Roe Deer: $1000
- Japanese Sika: $2500 (Oct. only)
- Muntjac: $750 (Sept.-Oct. only)
- English Red Stag: $3500 (Sept.-Oct. only)
- Chinese Water Deer: Season is closed

A popular, historic and wonderful place to visit. So much to see and do, and with quick, easy logistics. But it’s not all tourism and sight-seeing. England offers excellent free-range hunting for 6 deer species, and Roe deer, might be one of the most traditional, iconic and challenge. Old medal class Roe bucks are elusive and cunning! 

Big bucks are best targeted during the early season, which spans the month of May, OR the rut which kicks off late-July and extends till mid-August. Hunts are generally 1x1 guided by highly professionally and experienced local stalkers. Meticulous pre-scouting positioning hunters where known big bucks patrol their relatively small territories. Best of all, flat-rate trophy fees with no size restrictions! 

During the prime Roe deer seasons, there are no combo species available, and the focus should be trophy Roe bucks. Additional bucks can be taken as targets of opportunity on flat rates. Late season Roe deer hunts scheduled for early fall can combine with free-range Japanese Sika, English Red Stag and Muntjac. Don’t let this destination fool you – there are great free-range hunting opportunities here! 

Southern England is a splendid place to bring a non-hunting observer. London is the destination city and has endless sightseeing options, but the quaint English countryside is also bursting at the seams with history. Heathrow international is a short drive from many of the best hunting areas. Lovely custom-tailored cottage or castle/hotel lodgings with local culinary adds to the rich English experience.


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