3 - 6 DAYS - $4,950

Pursue what might be the world’s most beautiful and sought after game bird in the Mayan jungles of the Yucatan! Consider a unique array of combination species on this limited and one-of-a-kind hunt!



Farm Country Hunts: 3 days – 1x1 guided – x1 Ocellated Turkey – Mar. - May = $4950

Jungle Camp Hunts: 6 days – 1x1 guided – x1 Ocellated Turkey – Feb. - May = $4950


- Round trip airport shuttles
- English speaking interpreter
- Farm hacienda lodge / Jungle camp
- All meals during hunt
- Purified water, Soda, Juice, ice
- All hunt permits, tags & licenses
- Shotgun rental & Ammo
- All fees for x1 Ocellated Turkey
- NO Size Restrictions
- Professional 1x1 guiding
- All ground transport during hunt
- Raw preparation of trophies
- Delivery to local shipping agent
- Assistance with trophy export


- Travel to destination city
- Any pre/post hunt meals or hotels
- Trophy fees for additional animals
- Gratuities to guides and staff
- Alcohol (if desired)
- Taxidermy costs & trophy export
- CITES & export permit
- Side ventures/Sightseeing/Tourism
- Personal purchases/Souvenirs etc.


- Extra hunting days: $500
- Non-hunting observer rate: $1500
- Shotgun Rental: Included

Trophy Fees for Additional Game;

  (If tags are available)
- Red Brocket Deer - $6000
- Gray/Brown Brocket Deer - $3000
- Great Curassow -$1200
- Crested Guan - $900
- Paka - $1000 (nocturnal hunt)
- Coatimundi - $500
- Collard Peccary - $500
- Aguti - $350

Due upon harvest or wounding/loss:

Hunt what many consider to be the most desired of all Wild Turkey species, and perhaps the most beautiful of all game birds, while simultaneously exploring the Mayan Jungles of the Yucatan peninsula. Ocellated Turkeys can only be legally be hunted in Mexico, and are a species needed for the World Turkey Slam. A more newly formed SCI Jungle Fowl Slam also recognizes the Ocellated Turkey, as well as Great Curassow and Crested Guan. 

These hassle-free, all-inclusive packages extend to our new, but limited, farm country specialty turkey hunts - in addition to the better-known and proven jungle hunts closer to Campeche. Our farm country hunts occur from boutique hacienda-style hotels with restaurant meals, Air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and a swimming pool, but the only species available are Ocellated turkeys this time of the year. Jungle camp hunts however offer an extensive line-up of unique species such as Brocket deer, Jungle fowl and more. 

Ocellated Turkeys are very territorial and aggressive, boasting the longest spurs of any Wild Turkey species, and are known to fight to the death! As such, calling strategies are most effective in the late season, and employ gobble calls, luring dominant toms to fight, rather than hen calling for a breeding response. 

Not only are these hunting packages unique, but they also provide a great opportunity to combine a hunt with a vacation and site seeing while in the Yucatan peninsula. Historical Mayan ruins, or R&R resort options along the coast are all possible before or after the hunt, with round-trip airport shuttles from both Merida and Cancun, plus shotgun rentals, already included. Non-hunting observers welcome!



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