6 DAYS - $12,000

An ancient and mystical destination – Mongolia’s Gobi Desert! The only place on earth to pursue a unique line-up of desirable species such as Gobi Ibex, Gobi Argali, Maral stags and White-Tailed Gazelle! A premier Asian experience.



Trophy Ibex Hunts: 6 full days – 1x2 guided – x 1 Trophy 35-38+ Gobi Ibex – July-Oct. - $12,000


- Round-trip airport shuttles
- All ground transportation
- 4x4 Truck/Jeep/Horses
- Traditional Yurt/Ger lodgings
- x3 hearty meals daily
- Bottled water & soft drinks
- English speaking interpreter
- Professional 1x2+ guiding
- Spotter, Tracker, Driver
- x6 full hunting days
- x1 trophy Gobi Ibex
- All hunt permits & licensing
- Basic hide/skull taxidermy prep
- Delivery to local taxidermist


- Travel to destination city
- Any pre/post hunt meals or hotels
- Any interior/domestic flights
- Firearm import permit ($250)
- Or - Rifle rental & Ammo ($250)
- Fees for any additional animals
- Gratuities to guides & staff
- Any alcohol if desired
- Trophy shipping costs
- CITES export permit- $250/species
- Hide tanning or taxidermy costs
- Personal purchases/Souvenirs etc


- Extra hunting days: $250/day
- Observer days: $200/day
- Domestic flights: approx. $500
- Rifle Rental/Ammo - $250

Trophy fees for additional game;
(Due upon successful harvest or mortal wounding/loss)
On Location:
- Additional Gobi Ibex: $8500
- Gobi Argali: $65,000+
- Maral Stag: $9500
- White-Tailed Gazelle: $1200
- Mongolian Wolf: $1250

Relocation Required:
- Altai Argali: $110,000+
- Altai Ibex: $13,000
- Hangai Argali: $75,000+
- Siberian Roe Deer: $1400
- Capercaillie: $300
- Taimen Fishing (x4 days): $4500

Mongolia is a vast, ancient country that adventurous hunters should experience at least once. Along the southern border of the country lies the mystical Gobi region. Gobi Ibex are one of the more limited Ibex species exclusive to Mongolia and regarded as the worlds heaviest horned Ibex. They are a compact, and rugged species that develop handsome black markings as they approach the rut. 

Seasons span from mid-July to mid-October, and are conducted by horse or vehicle access, followed by short backpack style hikes to suit hunters of most physical conditions. Typical trophy Gobi Ibex billies measure 35-38+ inches, and bigger is always possible. Snow during the hunting season is very rare throughout most of the Gobi Desert, and hunting conditions are generally pleasant and fair-weather.  The Gobi range is lower elevations, typically ranging from 5000-8500 feet ASL. Each Hunter is accompanied by 2 or more guides, and hunts are pre-scouted and highly professional, regarded by many as Asia’s premier Ibex hunt!

With an impressive line-up of unique, prestigious species, Mongolia has much to offer. In addition to Gobi Ibex, there are also Altai Ibex, three types of Argali (Gobi, Altai and Hangai), Maral stag, White-Tailed Gazelle, Mongolian Wolf, Siberian Roe Deer, occasional Capercaillie and renowned Taimen fishing options! Relocations may be necessary, but overlapping seasons make combination hunts possible. 

All hunting aside, Mongolia is rich in both history and culture, and spending at least a day in the ancient capital city of Ulaanbaatar is certainly encouraged. Non-hunting observers are welcome to share this incredible experience.



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