6 DAYS - $7,000

Northern Alberta lays claim to some of the largest wolves on earth. Match wits and endurance against the keen senses of these elusive predators with our specialty baited winter hunts, offering above average opportunity rates. A new addition to the North America 29, so make that first shot count!



Baited Winter Wolf Hunts: 6 full days – 2x1 guided – x1+ Wolves – Dec.-Mar. = $5500


- Airport shuttles- High Level, AB
- X3 hearty meals daily
- Comfortable cabin lodgings
- Professional 2x1 guiding
- Precision rifle rental & ammo
- All ground transport during hunt
- 4x4 trucks, quads & snowmobile
- No fees for additional wolves
- Basic hide/skull taxidermy prep
- Delivery to local taxidermist
- Bonus Coyotes (not encouraged)


- 5% Government Sales Tax (GST)
- Travel to destination city
- Any pre/post hunt meals or hotels
- Alberta hunting license (USD$50)
- Alberta Wolf/Coyote tag (USD$50)
- Gratuities to guide & cook
- Alcohol (if desired)
- CITES Permit & trophy export
- Taxidermy or hide tanning costs
- Personal purchases/Souvenirs etc.


Extra hunting days:
- Generally, not available
Non-hunting observer days:
- Not encouraged
Trophy fees for additional game;
Additional Wolves:
- No Trophy Fee
Coyotes (not encouraged):
- No Trophy Fee

Recently added to the list of the North America 29, test wits and endurance against one of nature’s most elusive predators. Northern Alberta produces some of the largest and heaviest wolves on the planet, from living alongside and preying on 2600 lb. wood bison. Our outfitting partner is a wolf specialist, who pays much focus and attention to detail, resulting in excellent shot opportunity rates. Often higher than 70%. With typical shots ranging between 250-300 yards, producing a wolf sighting in daylight is the outfitters job, but patience and bullet placement ultimately falls on the part of the hunter.

With only 2-4 hunters max in camp, non-consecutive change-overs, and not operating during full moon weeks, our outfitter carefully puts as many of the odds in his hunter’s favor. Custom heated blinds with stable shooting benches, carefully selected locations, generous & regular baiting, cellular trail camera vigil, and custom rifle rentals give hunters every advantage possible.

With a bit of luck, additional wolves can be taken at no cost! Hunt the winter months over bait during the wolves’ rut or breeding cycle for maximum results. Come venture to the vast and mystical boreal north country and accept the wolf hunting challenge! It’s a cold hunt for the passionate and persistent sportsman, but the rewards are worth it. Make the first shot count!


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