Canada: BC – Mountain Goat Combo (Horseback)

10 days - $15,000

Hunt Northern BC’s beautiful sub-alpine for big Mountain Goats, Moose and Elk alongside a proven outfitter with an outstanding multi-decade long track record. An exhilarating experience for those seeking a wilderness adventure!




Trophy Mountain Hunts:
10 full days – 1x1 guided – x 1
(Goat, Moose or Elk)– Aug.-Oct.
- $15,000

Trophy Fee:
Opportunistic “stumble-on”
combo (Goat, Moose or Elk)
$6,000 each plus licensing.


- Airport shuttles- FSJ or PG, BC
- Cabin/tent camp lodgings
- Professional 1x1 guiding
- x10 full hunting days
- x3 hearty meals daily
- x9-12 pack horses/Wrangler
- Or 4x4 truck/jet boat–as needed
- All overland/river transportation
- Precision rifle rental & ammo
- 4x4 trucks, quads & snowmobile
- All fees for x1 big game species
- No trophy fees for Bears/Wolves
- Bonus Bull/Rainbow trout fishing
- Basic hide/skull taxidermy prep
- Basic meat preparations
- Delivery to local taxidermist


- 5% Government Sales Tax (GST)
- Travel to destination city
- Any pre/post hunt meals or hotels
- Round-trip air charter flights
- BC non-resident hunting licenses
- Tags - Goat/Moose/Elk/Bear/Wolf
- Fees for 2nd /3rd big game species
- Gratuities to guide & cook
- Alcohol (if desired)
- Meat or trophy export costs
- Taxidermy or hide tanning costs
- Personal purchases/Souvenirs etc.


- Extra hunting days: $1000/day
- Observer days: $175/day
- Charter Flights – Approx. $1200
- Rifle Rental/ammo - $500
- BC Hunting License - $189
- Hunter Preservation Fund - $200
- Mountain Goat Tag - $370
- Western Canada Moose Tag - $265
- Rocky Mountain Elk Tag - $265
- Black Bear Tag - $189 (x2)
- Wolf Tag - $55 (No limit)
- Fishing license - $75

Trophy fees for additional game;
- Mtn Goat/Moose/Elk: $4500 (due upon successful harvest or wounding/loss)
- Black Bears & Wolves: No Trophy Fee

Goats! Lots of them. Big ones too. Beautiful and game rich, this region in the heart of the Rockies is both beautiful and remote. A vast hunting territory boasting a healthy population of resident Mountain goats, inhabiting the area year-round, between 3000-7000 feet elevation. Guides critically judge for only mature Billies, and 10+ inch goats are taken each and every year. Quest into remote corners of the massive outfitting territory on 10-day expeditions with your guide and wrangler, primarily on horseback but at times jet boats. Set out from the main lodge and overnight in wall tents or trappers’ cabins along the way, eventually spiking out in strategic areas. A rich assortment of other game such as Moose, Elk, Wolves and Black Bears can be targeted to form what feels like a North American mountain hunting safari. Moose in the 50+ inch range, or heavy beamed 300+ inch Elk can be taken in place of Mountain Goat, or added for a trophy fee. Up to two Black Bear tags and wolf tags can also be purchased and hunted as a bonus with no trophy fee! The Bull trout fishing is also incredible, with 6-8lbs fish marking an average catch! Feel confident that your hunt is entrusted to a proven, hard-working, family run outfit. With nearly 40 years’ experience and multiple game species or opportunities - no one goes home empty handed!


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