10 DAYS - $30,000

Tangle with the largest Moose on the continent, in what is arguably the most prime hotspot – Yukon! Massive in both body & antler size, these antlered Kings of the North will humble even the most seasoned hunter. It’s World Class!



Trophy Combo Hunts - 10-days – 1×1 guided – x1 Moose OR Grizzly  OR Caribou – Sept/Oct – $30,000


- Return airport/hotel shuttles
- Return charter base shuttles
- All meals during hunt
- Comfortable cabin lodgings
- Professional 1x1 guiding
- x1 Moose or Grizzly or Caribou
- NO Size Restrictions
- Bonus x2 Black Bears & Wolves
- Bonus Wolverine & Trout fishing
- All Argo/Horse/Boat/4x4 transport
- Rifle & Ammo (if needed)
- Basic meat/trophy preparations
- Delivery to local taxidermist


- 5% government sales tax
- Travel to destination city
- Any pre/post hunt meals or hotels
- Round trip charter flights
- Yukon hunt licensing & tags
- Fees for 2nd /3rd big game species
- Gratuities to guides and staff
- Alcohol (if desired)
- Trophy/meat export & taxidermy
- Side ventures/Tourism/Activities
- Personal purchases/Souvenirs etc.


- Extra hunting days:
   Negotiable upon request
- Observer days:
   Negotiable + Charter flights
- Rifle Rental: Included if desired
- Return charter flights: $2000/pp
- Hunting license & tags: $750
   Includes; Moose/Grizzly/Caribou
   X2 Black Bear/Wolf/Wolverine
- Fishing license: $20

Trophy fees for additional game;
- Moose/Grizzly/Caribou: $12,000
  Due upon harvest or wounding/loss
- Black Bears/Wolves/Wolverine:
  Bonus - No Trophy Fees

Hunt for the largest moose in the Americas. Entrust this trip of a lifetime with a family run outfit of more than 30 years local experience, focusing on low-volume, high-success and very personalized packages.
For many, a remote fly-out Yukon moose combo hunt is near the top of the bucket list. 

Experience 10 full 1x1ndays with a knowledgeable local guide, in some of Yukon’s top producing areas in search of a monstrous bull Moose! 65+ inch and 200+ point bulls are taken annually, and humble even the most seasoned hunter. If that’s not enough, Moose can be substituted for Grizzly Bear or Mountain Caribou for no cost if desired or situation-dependent. But opportunity and success rates are extremely high and most hunters ADD a Grizz or Caribou to their Moose hunts for a flat-rate trophy fee, only payable upon successful harvest.

Black Bears, Wolves, and Wolverines are bonus species which can be taken for no additional costs! Another bonus Arctic Grayling, Lake Trout and Northern Pike fishing opportunities also at no cost, with fishing gear already in camp and free to borrow!

VIP charter flights going directly from Whitehorse to the hunting camp. Experienced local guides, 10+ full days, comfy cabin accommodations, motorboats, Argos, quads, and horses, and pristine remote wilderness. Many of our hunters exclaim that their time in Yukon was the best 10 days of their lives! Come see why.


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