3 DAYS - $4,500

England is the only place on earth to hunt these ancient deer species, 100% wild and free-range. With a 30+ million-year-old design, they are the genetic ancestors to all of today’s modern deer species! The original deer…




Trophy Combo Hunts: 3 days/4 nights – 1x1 guided – x1 CWD & x1 Muntjac – Nov.- Apr. = $4500


- Round trip airport shuttles
- x3 local gourmet meals daily
- Comfortable & historic lodge
- All hunt permits & licensing
- Fees for x1 CWD & x1 Muntjac
- NO Size Restrictions
- 1x1 guiding with local stalker
- All ground transport during hunt
- Rifle & ammo during the hunt
- Basic trophy preparations
- Delivery to local taxidermist


- Travel to the destination city
- Any pre/post hunt meals or hotels
- Trophy fees for additional animals
- Gratuities to guides and staff
- Alcohol (if desired)
- Taxidermy costs & trophy export
- Side ventures/Sightseeing/Tourism
- Personal purchases/Souvenirs etc.


- Extra hunting days:
- Non-hunting observer days:
- Rifle Rental & Ammo:
   Already Included

Trophy fees for additional game species;
(No Size Restrictions)

- Additional Muntjac: $750
- Additional CWD: $1250
- Japanese Sika: $2500

This is a 100% wild and free-range hunt for some of the world’s oldest and perhaps most unique deer species in an easy to get to destination. Fossil records dating back 35 million years suggest that Muntjac may be the oldest living examples and original generic stock for all of today’s deer species. If that fact alone does not intrigue you, England may be the only place on earth to take both these species in a free-range setting, making this hunt very special indeed. 

Kept in private collections, notably at the famous Woburn Abby, England’s Chinese Water Deer (CWD) and Reeves Muntjac populations are originally comprised of escapees during the Second World War. German Luftwaffe bombing raids and VI rockets knocked down walls and fences around London. A world on fire distracted attention from these deer as they established a growing a population in the surrounding areas.  

England is the only place on earth to hunt CWD in the wild, and recent studies suggest that Muntjac have become the most numerous deer species in the UK, presenting incredible hunting opportunities. Shedding their antlers in April, and re-growing them by October, Muntjac are open year-round with no limits. CWD are a bizarre antlerless species with open seasons extending from November to the end of March, making this winter window the best time for these combo hunts. Japanese Sika can also be added to these winter hunts, as bonus targets of opportunity. 

London is a quick, cheap and hassle-free destination, and Heathrow international is a short drive from many of the best hunting areas. Lovely rural bed-and-breakfast style lodgings with local culinary adds to the rich cultural tapestry that makes England what it is. Great outfitting partners make these unique and limited hunting opportunities a memorable overall experience.


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