5 DAYS - $7,250

See staggering numbers of Javan Rusa during the peak roar, in what might be one of worlds all-time best free-range deer hunts, set on a beautiful tropical island along the coast of the Coral Sea…




- 5 full days, 2x1 guided, x1 Javan Rusa
   July - Sept. = $7250


- Round trip airport shuttles
- English-speaking outfitter/guide
- x3 local gourmet meals daily
- Luxurious villa style lodgings
- All hunt permits & licensing
- Trophy fees for x1 Rusa Stag
- 2x1 professional guiding
- Rifle rental/ammo during hunt
- All ground transport during hunt
- Detailed trophy preparations
- Veterinary & Origin Certificates


- Travel to New Caledonia/airport
- Any Pre/post hunt meals or hotels
- Trophy fees for additional animals
- Gratuities to guides and staff
- Alcohol (if desired)
- Additional checked luggage costs
- Side ventures/Vacationing/Tourism
- Personal purchases/Souvenirs
- Taxidermy costs


Extra hunting days:
    - $500/day (not always possible)
Non-hunting observers:
    - $2500
Trophy fees for additional game species:
    - Javan Rusa Stag = $3000
    - South Pacific Turkey = $450
    - Reef, Inshore, Offshore or
       Spearfishing charters
      = $700-1200/day (split by max 4)

In an isolated corner of the south Pacific, surrounded by a world class barrier reef and the largest coral lagoon on earth, lies the geologically ancient and mysterious island of New Caledonia. A French territory in the sub-tropical Melanesian region, the island is beautiful and boasts many endemic plant and wildlife species, as well as a thriving population of Javan Rusa deer! Hunters can expect to see several hundreds to over a thousand rutting Rusa per day of hunting, and most go home with two mature trophy stags. Bonus Crab fishing, or opportunities at South Pacific Wild Turkeys can be also added.

The weather is almost always lovely, the blend of Melanesian & European food and culture is wonderful, and adventures along the reef rank as some of the best on earth. Hunters are encouraged to plan for some extra time in New Caledonia before the hunt to soak up the island vibe and experience this unique and exotic destination. A perfect package for couples, as non-hunting observers are welcome with luxurious lodgings, wonderful meals, idyllic R&R, or a host of exciting Island side-ventures.

Check out the vibrant capital city of Noumea, with museums, local markets, shopping districts, wonderful restaurants and an entertaining night life. Stay in one of several gorgeous beachside resorts near the hunting area before the hunt to experience Scuba, snorkeling, spearfishing or fishing in the coral lagoon. Horseback riding, beachcombing, kitesurfing, glass-bottom boats and more is all available. No expensive trophy shipping! Hunters return home with their Rusa trophies as checked luggage hassle-free. Not CITES classified and fully importable to most countries. Antler caps are boiled and cleaned, and capes salted and packaged for the flight home, with veterinary certificates secured at the airport on the way home - It’s that simple. And while it may be far to travel for some, this special destination is certainly worth the trip! More than just a hunt, this is a tropical vacation getaway!


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