5 DAYS - $3,000

Pursue these beautiful, iconic European deer in Poland’s mystical forests during the annual rut. Free-range, wild and ingenious, flat-rate trophy fees and all-inclusive 1x1 guided packages with a proven outfitter for an unbeatable price!




Trophy Hunts: 5 full days – 1x1 guided – x1 Trophy Fallow – October = $3000


- Round trip airport shuttles
- English speaking interpreter
- x3 local gourmet meals daily
- Luxurious manor/palace lodge
- All hunt permits & licensing
- Trophy fees for x1 Fallow buck
- No size restrictions
- 1x1 guiding with local stalker
- All ground transport during hunt
- Basic trophy preparations
- European skull cleaning
- Delivery to local taxidermist


- Travel to Polish destination city
- Any Pre/post hunt meals or hotels
- Rifle rental & ammunition ($250)
- Trophy fees for additional animals
- Gratuities to guides and staff
- Alcohol (if desired)
- Taxidermy costs & trophy export
- Side ventures/Sightseeing/Tourism
- Personal purchases/Souvenirs etc.


Extra hunting days:
  - Yes - $250/day
Non-hunting observer days:
  - Yes - $200/day
Rifle Rental & Ammo:
  - $250/duration of the hunt

Trophy fees for additional game species;
Fallow Deer (no size restrictions):
 - $1500
Mouflon (no size restrictions):
 - $4500
Red Stag (no size restrictions):
 - $3500
Wild Boar (sliding price weight KG’s/tusk length mm):
 - $750-1500
Roe Deer (no size restrictions):
 - Season closed

It’s easy to become captivated by Fallow deer. Especially during the rut. Their aggressive rhythmic croaking coupled with sounds of antlers crashing is an annual event that echoes through these old historic European forests. It’s a premier hunt, yet with price point value that’s essentially unbeatable. Something every passionate deer owes it to themselves to experience firsthand.

Hunting is deeply immersed in local Polish culture, built off of centuries of heritage and tradition. In addition to the country’s rich history, experience luxury accommodations, fine dining or sightseeing options. All in addition to superb free-range hunting opportunities, trophy quality and opportunity rates, for the lowest prices. All reasons this destination has been so secretly popular.

Pursue your quarry with experienced local stalkers on their home turf. Take the back roads, see the countryside and enjoy this blast-from-the-past experience while searching for free-range, medal class Fallow. These hunts combine very well with early season Mouflon in October (if a permit remains available), the occasional bonus Wild Boar, and of course, additional Fallow bucks!

Packages come standard with 5-full 1x1 guided hunting days, round trip airport shuttles and English-speaking interpreters. FLAT RATES with NO sliding scale trophy fees. Target the biggest free-range trophy Fallow buck you can find with no risk of rising hunt costs - guaranteed.

Hunting amidst the beautiful fall colors during the peak rut is both a stimulating and action-packed. Start to finish these hunts in Poland are seamless and hassle-free. Diligent pre-planning and preparation by the outfitters team translates to an excellent experience for our guests. Add extra hunting days, tour the country, or visit elsewhere in Europe before heading home.


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